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Peer Group Coaching

"Birds that flock seem to learn faster. They increase their chances to survive and evolve more quickly." The Living Company


High performers thrive on the challenges of competition. Performance Talks Peer Groups bring high performing colleagues together to push each other to higher levels. Participants in Performance Talks Peer Groups are from the same company and do not compete directly with one another. But they do typically drive each other's ambition by comparing progress. Participants benefit from a focused process of sharing ideas and building knowledge, skills, and practices together. Part support group, part Master Mind group, part Biggest Loser Competition (think regular weigh-ins), Performance Talks Peer Groups use the power of the group to maximize individual performance.

Participants in a Performance Talks Peer Group will:

  • Set clear specific targets for achievement
  • Formulate concrete actionable plans
  • Hold each other accountable for follow through and learning
  • Challenge each other to continually improve

Likely Participants in a Performance Talks Peer Group:

  • Geographically dispersed high performing sales people
  • Presidents of non-competing business units within a larger holding company
  • Cross-Functional High Potentials from throughout the organization

Individual Outcomes:

  • Greater confidence
  • New and innovative approaches to challenges and opportunities
  • Increased set of tools and skills
  • Meeting and exceeding goals

Company Outcomes:

  • Increased performance
  • Improved retention
  • Faster organizational learning


We will customize the process to meet your needs.

  • Number of meetings: Choose from 1 - 2 per month
  • Length of sessions: Choose from 30 minute Quick Accountability Checks to 1 - 2 hour Focused Improvement Sessions
  • Time of day: We customize your coaching schedule to accomodate busy lives and international travel
  • Duration: Choose from 6 to 12 month programs depending on the objectives of the participants
  • Combination: Optimize the Group Coaching by combining with Individual Executive Coaching
  • Location: Most meetings will be teleconferences. May include quarterly in person sessions

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