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Testimonials - Facilitation

Bob facilitates a meeting with 12 - 14 CEO's who aren't afraid to state their opinions and yet he will not allow any one member to control the meeting. He is relentless in his zeal to make sure everyone is heard and the team takes the time to flesh out all pertinent issues first.
Steve Helle, President, Granite City Electric Supply

Our monthly meetings have a routine, yet they are never the same, allowing for an expected yet differing day each time we meet. Bob does a great job keeping the team focused on "being slow to understand", prior to problem solving. The meetings usually move at a good pace, yet when a significant issue needs to be fully vetted, the agenda will change as necessary.
Rick Hajec, President, Vectron, International

One of Bob Scoville's great strengths is putting people together and facilitating discussion to work through the many business and personal issues we deal with on a daily basis. He can create many different formats into the discussions to fit the personality or the size of the group. When things may get off track he will draw everyone right back to be sure your time is very well spent for you and your organization.
Steve Solomon, CEO, Solomon Metals Corp

Bob commands respect in a room of Type-Triple A CEOs. His ability to keep a group focused is key to the group's success. He is able to coax out hidden issues -both corporate and personal - by creating a safe, respectful environment for the group. He creates agendas based on group consensus and enables the group to resolve the complicated issues with fresh perspectives and solutions.
Schuyler Glidden, CEO, SG Industries

Bob does an excellent job facilitating meetings by making sure we stay focused on the most important things. He keeps meetings lively by mixing things up with exercises, discussion topics, celebrations, and other creative things. The meetings are well planned and organized. As a facilitator, Bob makes sure everyone is heard from and all points of view are discussed.
Jeff Peters, CEO, Precision Digital Corporation

Bob facilitates our Vistage meetings in a very balanced way. He knows how to take group input, and at the same time is willing to take a stand and make our meetings as successful as possible. I often walk out of a meeting saying to myself, wow that was a great meeting, the group really came together and solved some critical issues. Then I realize that the success was only possible because of Bob's great facilitation skills. He facilitated the meeting but let the group take ownership of the outcomes.
Rick Abrams, General Manager, Tom Snyder Productions

Bob is extremely efficient, capable of keeping a large group to task.
Devin Sullivan, General Manager, Dover Auto World

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