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Executive Coaching

"Drive thy business. Let not thy business drive thee." Benjamin Franklin


Everyone wants to have a meaningful life and high performance at work. Executives, Managers and Employees expect more than just a paycheck from their work. They want more from their personal life too. Yet in the face of the multiple ongoing demands and stresses of modern life, good people can lose sight of their potential. Often they want to make changes in their life because they know there must be a better way. Employers and employees know their companies are capable of so much more.

Enter the Performance Talks coaching relationship. The Performance Talks Coach works with the Client to create a highly productive and uniquely powerful relationship. Conversations between the coach and client are honest, encouraging, challenging, caring, and eye opening. All coaching conversations are held in confidence. As the process begins, the client will articulate their most important and meaningful values, goals and decisions. Together the coach and client brainstorm plans and make commitments that require action. Clients own the agenda and the focus for the coaching, while coaches must help them see the possibilities and broaden their perspective.

Ultimately coaching is about helping clients make improvements in all aspects of their life. Employers intuitively know the connection between the various aspects of an employee's life and their performance. Performance Talks Coaching helps organizations to optimize performance by taking a holistic and systemic approach to employee development.

Participants in the Performance Talks Coaching process will:

  • Discover their most important values and learn to live by them
  • Envision a life of fulfillment, purpose and realized potential
  • Define specific, measurable goals
  • Build and execute actionable plans to achieve their goals
  • Make choices and commitments about what's most important to them
  • Focus on the client's agenda

Individual Outcomes:

  • Accountability to goals and plans
  • Renewed motivation, energy and commitment
  • Improved relationships
  • Marginalized self-limiting beliefs
  • Greater clarity and understanding of their circumstances/situation
  • Personal development and growth
  • Healthier more balanced and energized lifestyle
  • Clearer sense of priorities
  • Improved performance

Company Outcomes:

  • Increased retention
  • Superior alignment
  • Improved performance


  • Number of meetings: Choose from 1 - 4 per month
  • Length of sessions: Choose from 30 minute Laser sessions to 2 hour Deep Discoveries
  • Time of day: We customize your coaching schedule to accomodate busy lives and international travel
  • Duration: Choose from 3, 6, 9 or 12 month programs to start (Most of our clients end up working with us for years)
  • Location: We coach primarily over the phone and will meet in person by request

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