"I've always valued thinking hard over working hard." Paul Orfalea (Kinko's founder)


Organizations have learned the value of increased commitment and buy in that comes from engaging employees and managers in the decisions that they will ultimately implement. Boards, executive, and management teams all benefit from the presence of a facilitator who can guide the conversation, engage all present, and create closure and a shared commitment to action. Participants are free to share their perspectives and listen to others without having to worry about the time or the process. Meeting facilitation is also used for industry associations, peer and focus group conversations.

Participants in a Performance Talks Facilitated Meeting will:

Meetings where Facilitation is most valuable:



A core team will work with the Performance Talks Facilitator in advance of the meeting to define the purpose, objectives, and content of the meeting. The Performance Talks Facilitator will design processes and customize the meeting with the core team's collaboration. The Facilitator will guide the group through the process of the meeting and make adjustments according to feedback from the group. The Performance Talks Facilitator will provide notes and follow up as appropriate.